Ear Impressions

Ear Impressions Impressing Upon Me

Getting an impression of my ear done.

Ever wondered what it’s like to have an impression taken of your ear? This is what it looks like. 

A layer of alginate or silicone is applied to take the impression and then a sturdy backing is applied to support the silicone so that it can be used to create a positive mold of the existing anatomy. Overall, this is a very gentle process and shouldn’t cause any pain. We try to make the process as quick and as accurate as possible so that patients are comfortable and we don’t have to repeat the process multiple times. 

I’m lying down here, which is not something I regularly have the patient do while taking impressions. I learned the hard way that it is actually MUCH more comfortable to have an ear impression taken when you are sitting up. I also no longer use this much material when I take ear impressions because it’s too heavy, which distorts the impression and isn’t very comfortable for the patient. I like to try things on myself, so I can have a better understanding of what the experience is like for my patients.

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