On Beauty’s Positive Exposure

I just found out about this organization, called Positive Exposure, that was created by fashion photographer Rick Guidotti to celebrate beauty. Specifically the beauty of individuals with “genetic, physical, and behavioral differences” through photography and video (as per their mission statement). According to the About Page, the organization was Guidotti’s response to the “sad and dehumanizing [images…] [i]n medical textbooks [where] children with a difference were seen as a disease, a diagnosis first, not as people.” He wanted to challenge those conceptions and educate people “to see those with differences not as victims, but kids and people first and foremost?” To do that, Guidotti said that ” The pity has to disappear. The fear has to disappear. Behavior has to change. These kids need to be seen as their parents see them, as their friends see them, as valuable and positive parts of society, as beautiful.” Truth.

The photographs created by Positive Exposure are beautiful and they truly celebrate the beauty of individuals. You can check out Positive Exposure’s Gallery to see some of them.

If you think this is as awesome as I do, then you’re in luck because Joanna Rudnick made a documentary about Guidotti’s mission called On Beauty. I can’t wait to see it.