Grenada in a Nutmeg Pericarp

I realize I’ve been terrible about updating this blog since I’ve been here. I promise to try and reapply myself to sharing my misadventures in the tropics. Life at the University continues to improve. They keep me busy doing all manner of anatomical illustrations, even some surgical pieces, and I’m getting to spend some quality time doing layout and design, anatomical concept art, and drafting legal documents. I work a lot but that doesn’t keep me from getting out and exploring the jungles and beaches and villages that Grenada has to offer. I may sacrifice some sleep but I have fun. I’ve also been involved in the local arts community here creating pieces in my very limited spare time for display at Susan Mains Gallery. I hope to continue creating some art on the side. It may sometimes be stressful on account of time constraints, but it’s valuable to continue to explore the different media and to be involved in the Grenada Arts Community! Hopefully I’ll strike a better work/life balance soon and be available to put more of myself and my time into my independent projects. Until then… I leave you with 3 pieces I did overnight for the Grenada Arts Council Pop Up Art Show in early April.