Floating on a Raft in the Middle of the Ocean

One of the things I miss most about home while floating on this raft in the middle of the ocean, is sculpting! Especially in wax or oil based clay. I haven’t really figured out how to get that going here (yet) but I have recently started spending way more time sculpting in Zbrush. I made this sphenoid bone by compositing models made from a couple different MRI DICOM data sets (OsiriX) in Zbrush and cross-referencing them with a model of the skull floor we made using photogrammetry (123Catch). We didn’t have a free standing sphenoid bone available so I made do with what we have. I then found all the atlases I could looking for quality turnaround photos and illustrations of the sphenoid and sculpted my heart away. (Special shout out to the Rohen and Thieme atlases I love so well!)

I finally understand how much fun digital sculpting can be!

Human Sphenoid Bone in Zbrush from Xochitl Vinaja on Vimeo.