Scientifically Informed Art. Artistically Informed Science.

Xochitl (pronounced Sochi) is a sculptor, illustrator, and designer with a specialization in biomedical and scientific art. She has professional experience creating 3D models, silicone prosthetics, and graphics for print and digital display.


Contact her to discuss your next custom illustration, design, or fabrication project.

She will work with you to clarify your project goals, then use her design and technical skill to make it a reality. Clearly established checkpoints during the drafting stage allow you to have creative input during the design process to ensure the accuracy of content and to ensure that your goals are met.


Xochitl’s work has appeared in the Journal of Clinical Anatomy, Journal of Archaeological Science, Cureus, Fischer’s Mastery of Surgery, Malignancies of the Groin: Surgical and Anatomic Considerations, Gray’s Clinical Photographic Dissector, and UIC’s Vital Signs: the College of Nursing Magazine, amongst others.