International Sloth Day!

According to National Geographic, today is International Sloth Day. Wouldn’t you know it, I have something for that. Here’s a three-toed sloth I created in ZBrush because everyday can be Sloth Day if you want it to!

three-toed sloth (Zbrush) ©2016XochitlVinaja
This 3D Digital Model of a Three Toed Sloth was sculpted in ZBrush! ©2016XochitlVinaja

Clinical Anaplastology


Here are some WIPs of auricular prosthesis I am working on.

Clinical anaplastology is the area of medicine that deals the with prosthetic restoration or rehabilitation of a malformed or absent area of the face or body. Unlike prosthetists, anaplastologists don’t make limb prosthetics, though they do create prosthetic fingers, toes, feet, hands, breast, and auricular prosthesis (called somato prostheses). Anaplastologsist create several types of facial prosthetics including auricular (ear), nasal (nose), ocular (eyeball), orbital (the eyelids, sockets, and surrounding area), and midfacial (the nose and significant tissue extending from it which may include the cheek or orbit). It’s an important area of work that can have life-changing effects for patients, improving function, appearance, and overall wellbeing.

To create a life-like facial or somato prosthesis, the area must be sculpted to visually match and physically fit the patient’s existing anatomy. The finished sculpture is then molded and cast in silicone. It is custom colored to match the patient’s skin. Anaplastologisists aim to capture even the tiniest details including bloodvessels, hair, and freckles. Additional anatomy such as eyes and nails can be made from other materials.

Digitally sculpting a sphenoid bone in zBrush

The sphenoid bone is my absolute favorite bone in the human body. So delicate, so beautiful, so important. I made this sphenoid bone by compositing models made from a couple different MRI DICOM data sets (OsiriX) in Zbrush and cross-referencing them with a model of the skull floor we made using photogrammetry (123Catch).  I then found all the atlases I could looking for quality turnaround photos and illustrations of the sphenoid and sculpted my heart away. (Special shout out to the Rohen and Thieme atlases I love so well!)

Human Sphenoid Bone in Zbrush from Xochitl Vinaja on Vimeo.