Enroll in my ZBrush Online Course!

Ever wanted to learn how to use zbrush for didactic 2D illustration?

Missed our Zed for Your Head Workshop at the AMI Meeting last year?

Don't know anything about zbrush2018 or how awesome its new tools are for cleaning up segemented dicom data?

Just like zbrush and want to learn more?

Join my Online zbrush course now!

I created a series of videos for the workshop I co-taught at the 2018 AMI Meeting and I have made them available to you as part of an online course on Teachable. Join me as I show you some of my tips, tricks, and tools of the trade using zbrush for 2D medical illustration.


Included in the class are topics such as manipulating shadows and the environment, using wax preview for a realistic bone affect that mimics subsurface scattering, and how to render B&W line art directly out of zbrush.

As a bonus, I show you how to use some of the new tools in zbrush2018 that I have found especially useful for medical illustration. I use a fun character sculpt for my primary example but I'll show you a ludicrously simple, fast, and effective way to cleanup segmented dicom models.

This is an intermediate course. Check out a free preview here.